Consistent with our values, we raise our chickens in a way that enables them to live as close to their natural instincts as possible. Though we use "tractors" while they are on pasture, this is  to protect them from predators. By moving the tractors, twice per day, we ensure they have direct access to fresh forage of our pasture grasses, bugs, and any other little critters that may come by. I always enjoy seeing the birds come to the front of the tractor just before we move it with clear joy and anticipation of the fresh bugs! We do supplement their nutrition with non-GMO feed milled from local ingredients.

These practices results in an animal that has lived a nearly stress free life, without ingesting unnatural products, happily doing what chickens do. From brooder to their last day on the farm, they are treated respectfully, humanely, and processed cleanly. The care we take is evident in the excellent taste and quality of the meat on your plate. 

How To Buy

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Though we do not ship our products. They will be available either on the farm or at specified pick-up locations.