In keeping with our values, we do not contain the pigs beyond what is required for their own safety. We have approximately 36 acres of hardwood forest on our farm; with many nut bearing trees. Including various types of oak, hickory, beech, among others. All produce mast crops that pigs love to eat. Not to mention the natural under-story and roots available on the forest floor. We rotate the pigs through some of our pasture to aid in improving our soil quality. We regularly rotate the pigs through paddocks to ensure they have access to fresh forage, and to ensure they don't negatively impact the forest and pasture.

We do not currently farrow on farm, instead we purchase grower pigs from another farm that shares our values; specifically, J&L Green Farm in Edinburg, VA. We bring the weaned pigs to our farm and raise them over the next 6-7 months until they reach a processing weight of 300 - 375 pounds. At that point, we will take them to a USDA inspected butcher for them to be processed.

To learn more about why forested pigs are superior to factory raised pigs, the following is an excellent article from the New York Times on the subject:

How To Buy

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Though we do not ship our products. They will be available either on the farm or at specified pick-up locations.